About YogaBliss

mandala2YogaBliss is a small studio that provides an intimate setting which is surrounded by nature. A perfect environment to connect with our inner nature. As we show up to practice we learn to accept ourselves as we are in the moment. When we explore postures on the mat we cultivate a mind body connection with inner awareness. Just as the lotus grows out of the muddy water and blossoms towards the light, we too practice being with the muck of our lives so we can blossom and open our heart center to reveal the jewel within. Yoga is the union with this jewel that reminds us that our true nature is always full of light, joy and bliss.Your practice not only benefits you physically but also psychologically as you unlearn patterns and conditioning that block you from being the best you, you can be. Your breath is your greatest teacher. The postures are for the breath as it invites you to open fully for the inhale and let go fully of the exhale. Yoga is a practice of intimacy with all of life. Your Yoga is your connection to the nurturing source and is a practice of loving yourself fully. Your Yoga is the way to Follow Your Bliss!

252 Lupin Drive Whitby