The purpose of the sixth chakra is to see the way, and bring the light of consciousness to all that exists within and around us. Here we learn to perceive the patterns we have in our life. This is when we receive an “aha” moment, like a light bulb going off in the head. With this insight we now bring more consciousness to why we do the things we do. So it is now an opportunity to make a different choice the next time around. So why is it that sometimes we continue to do things that we know are not the best choice for ourselves? Apparently we would prefer to stay safe in the familiar realms of the lower chakras. Spiritual growth requires us to break free of old patterns. Sixth chakra development is usually referred to as spiritual awakening. We suddenly see with new eyes, experience profound insight, change our perspective and attitude, or receive a vision. It can happen at any time in life, but like the light of most dawns, it is often preceded by darkness. It is darkness that makes us reach into the depths of our soul beyond where we have been before, in order to create a new reality. It is always darkest before the dawn.

My third-eye chakra seems to show up deficient and excessive at times. I have poor vision and memory, which are both related to this chakra. I am a sensitive person and may have shut down this Chakra down in childhood. We are bombarded with images that are affecting our Chakras. I have also suffered from nightmares and sleep walking over the years. I have this reoccurring dream of being lost in the dark and not being able to find anyone. I think this is directly related to my third-eye being closed and causing a darkness. Yet, I think I have a good sense of the big picture at times. The practice of Yoga invites awareness and so through my own practices I have learned to witness and observe my own patterns. Even with this awareness I continue to watch myself sabotage my life in ways. But I am really starting to understand that all the chakras work together and help each other. So it may be my solar plexus chakra that weakens my will so that I am unable to stand up for what I believe in, even though now I have the insight. Interestingly, solar plexus chakra is related to the sense of sight. Aha! So it is always a work a progress and I must say a fascinating one when using the lens of the chakra system. I continue to shed light and love on all my experiences.

At the throat chakra we start to vibrate with the law of attraction. Your energy vibration will attract more of that vibration. So focus on what you want and feel that in your energy body. The third-eye chakra gives you the gift of visualization.  The clearer you get with that picture the more precise you will manifest that which you desire.  When we clear the mind with meditation then we create the space in the mind to create our visualization. We can use this gift for healing to the body, to send healing and light to others, and to command the vision for our future. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Ajna which means to perceive and command. 

To triumph in this chakra is to see through illusion. When we fixate upon a frozen image of how we think it is “suppose to be”, we might be so busy thinking that a relationship, job, body or life should look a certain way that we fail to see the beauty and perfection of how it actually is. Illusion, and its brother, denial, blocks our ability to see clearly. Illusion is the belief in something that is not true; denial is the failure to see something that is true. Both are spun of MAYA, the Sanskrit word for the surface reality that hides deeper truths. What is it that you are not seeing? Sometimes we only see what we want to see and this distorts the truth. But when we do see the truth then we become more conscious and can choose different. I think that saying “Ignorance is bliss” refers to this because it does seem at times that it is easier when we delude ourselves and don’t know any better. But as Maya Angelo says “When you know better, you do better”. So once we “see and awaken to that truth” we now need to call on our other chakras to assist us in making the change that will put us in better alignment with universal truth. The journey of discovery is a road less travelled but our third eye can light the way. Visions use imagination to create something that has never been seen before. The difference between vision and illusion is that vision leads us forward and illusion holds us back. A vision is a possibility, a goal to inspire us, constantly changing and evolving. We know a vision isn’t real, and yet we believe in its potential. An illusion tends to be held as a certainty and forced into place- something we believe is real and unchangeable. An illusion binds the energy; a vision consciously directs it. Vision is an essential part of the healing process as we change the many dysfunctional aspects of our lives that keep us enmeshed, trapped, and disengaged.

With the healing of the sixth chakra, we are able to create vision. We are able to form, consciously, the path to the future and liberate ourselves from the grips of the past. Our vision makes the difference.

Along life’s journey, your vision dictates where you choose to go on the map.

   What is the guiding vision for your life?

   What is the larger good that you are working for?

   Where do you see possibilities that do not yet exist?

   Where do you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, or 20?

Your vision can be large or small and both are necessary. You can look for better possibilities in your work, your relationships, or your community. It is also important to hold a positive vision for the larger world, and to weave that vision with the visions of others.

Gives you your see the truth. To be able to perceive patterns in your life and command a vision for your future.

Intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, good dream recall, able to think symbolically, able to visualize

Illusion. Fixating on an image of themselves or someone/something else instead of living clearly and authentically in the present moment. This can create obsession which uses up a lot of our energy.

Headaches, nightmares, hallucinations, delusions, difficulty concentrating

Insensitivity, poor memory, poor vision, unimaginative, denial, difficulty seeing the future

Creative visual art, meditation, psychotherapy: art therapy, dream work, hypnosis, guided visualizations, past life regression therapy

I am open to the wisdom within.
I can manifest my vision.
I see all things in clarity.

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