What is this thing we call LOVE?  This four letter word that has many meanings.  So basic to the soul of each one of us, love becomes the precious essence governing each of our lives.  How do we find it? How do we maintain it?  How do we share it?  I have come to learn that love is a practice. It is something we all want and need. Love is this mysterious force that directs our lives. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Anahata, meaning “unstruck,” “unhurt,” “fresh” and “clean.” When the chakra is free of grief from old hurts, it’s opening is innocent, fresh, and radiant.  The element of the heart chakra is air, which represents freedom, as in the birds that fly.  Air also represents openness and freshness, as in airing out a room.  Air implies spaciousness, which is achieved through letting go.  When we cling too tightly to what we love, we suffocate.  Air also represents breath, the vital process of receiving prana (life force energy) through which our cells are kept alive.  Its name implies that deep beneath our personal stories of brokenness and pain in our heart; wholeness, boundless love, and a wellspring of compassion reside. The heart chakra’s purpose is to invite the love that is in the air to flow through your spacious open heart.   Air spreads and energizes.  Like water, air assumes the shape of whatever it fills, yet it is less subject to gravity than water.  When you feel swept up in love, you often need to replant your first Chakra in order to stay grounded. Often when we fall in love we can feel like we are walking on clouds.  This can create an airiness that can result in an unpleasant crash if we are not grounded.  So we need to keep our roots in the ground and find a balance between individuality and unity, embracing and honouring both. To practice love is to learn to open your heart like it is new again and never been struck or hurt. This takes courage and learning to love takes energy on many levels.  We need all of our chakras functioning in order to create and maintain it. We must be able to feel, we must be able to communicate, we must be able to have our own autonomy and power, and we need to be able to see and understand.  Most important, we need to relax and let it happen.  The heart chakra is feminine and sometimes the profound love is that which can simply let things be the way they are. Love is the expansion and equilibrium of air, the new dawn of the east, the gentleness of the dove, the spirit of peace. It is the field that envelops us. Through it we find our center, our core, our power, and our reason for living. Love is not a matter of getting connected; it is a matter of seeing that we already are connected within an intricate web of relationships that extends throughout life, It is a realization of “no boundaries” that we are all made of the same essence irrelevant of skin colour, age, sex, looks, or money. We are all riding through time on the same planet, faced with the same problems, the same hopes and fears. More than anything, love is the deep sense of spiritual connection, the sense of being touched, moved, and inspired to heights beyond our normal limits. Love makes the mundane sacred so that it is cared for and protected. When we lose our sense of connection with all life, we have lost the sacred, and we no longer care for and protect that which nourishes us. We are that love. We are its life force, its expression, its manifestation, its vehicle.  Through it we grow, we transcend, we triumph, and surrender to grow again even deeper. We are renewed, cut down, and renewed again. Blessed be to the central wheel of life from which all others turn.

Gives you your right to love and be loved. We all have a right to be loved in this world.
Hold your hands over the chamber of your heart and take a deep breath in and let go with a sigh.
Acknowledge your beating heart and circulatory system, your lungs and respiratory system, and your ribs that protect these life giving organs.
Acknowledge you inner arms and hands where heart energy flows and your thymus gland at the sternum, which is related to immunity.
Asthma may be blocked grief and tears.
Shortness of breath may be a lack of self-love.
Colds may be unresolved grief and sadness.  Hay fever may be emotional congestion.Emphysema may be fear of taking in love. Pneumonia is general deficiency and symbolic of depletion, depression, poor will to live and feeling unloved.
Acknowledge, without judgment or criticism any issues or problems related the heart, blood, circulation, immune system and lungs. 

Caring, compassionate, empathetic, accepting, self-loving, peaceful, centered, content

The demon of the heart chakra is grief. When your heart is struck with rejection, and hurt with betrayal and loss it causes grief.  Residual grief causes a fear of being hurt. This can cause an imbalance in the chakra. Either too much energy that becomes stagnant or there is not enough energy:

Co-dependency (focused too much on others), poor boundaries, jealousy, being a martyr, being a pleaser

Antisocial, withdrawn, critical, intolerant, lonely, isolated, lack of empathy, fear of intimacy

May you live your life with a fully open heart to receive and give love.
May your life be a passionate love affair with divine spirit and all of its infinitely perfect manifestations.
May you feel the peaceful contentment of self acceptance.
May you love yourself fully and may this love heal the world.

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