Yoga and Friendships

As I look back at 2015 it was an outrageous year! My mantra was to “get out of my house” so to speak and experience life outside of my comfort zone. And serendipity somehow invited three trips to Mexico, Italy and Costa Rica. I had the time of my life and each adventure was amazing and unique with … [Continue reading]

Yoga as a Gift

I remember my first yoga class when I was much younger, giggling with my best friend as we did the lion pose with our tongues stuck out and making the sound “hhhhhhaaa.” And I also remember how calm I felt after the class. We did the yoga classes in the back of a new age book store and I had bought … [Continue reading]

Raw Chocolate Decalcifies the Pineal Gland

The Third Eye Chakra can also be considered our sixth sense and is our gateway to higher levels of consciousness. According to Descartes it is known … [Continue reading]


Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. Have you every thought about someone and then they call you? Or someone mentions a book to you and then you … [Continue reading]

Getting out of My Comfort Zone at hOMe and being with cOMmUNITY!

This year I made in intention to get out of my comfort zone (hOMe) and get out of the house and connect with others and live life to the … [Continue reading]

The Magic of Italy

I just returned home from a trip to Italy and I was enchanted by Tuscany and the beauty of the countryside, the ancient villages built on rock and the … [Continue reading]

Time to Dance

It’s late February. I am sitting in my living room watching large fat snowflakes bump silently against the window. My pink Himalayan salt lamp is … [Continue reading]

Into the Woods

As we draw close to the ending of 2014 my inbox is full of e-mails on ideas for new years resolutions. Along with the busyness of the holidays it … [Continue reading]

Adventures of a Yogi-in-Training

Adventures of a Yogi-in-Training By Sacha Bala Kavita I walk through the garden gate at Yogabliss, met by swirling incense and a smiling Nienke. … [Continue reading]

Throat, Thyroid and Storytelling

The throat chakra’s purpose is communication. Are you good at communicating your truth or good at communicating in general? Can you speak your ideas … [Continue reading]