Love is in the Air

What a privilege and honour to share and teach about the heart chakra this past week. The heart chakra is at the peak of our journey as it is the … [Continue reading]

Power Struggles or Inner Power of Transformation

The third chakra is about making choices which gives birth to the will. Will allows us to overcome the inertia (root chakra) and gives us conscious … [Continue reading]

The Second Chakra’s Pleasure Principle

We all have a human tendency to move towards pleasure and away from pain. Freud called this biological pattern, the pleasure principle. Pain can be an … [Continue reading]

Grounding Root Chakra

GROUNDING is one of the gifts of the root chakra. When we are grounded we are in touch with the earth and this place we call home. We anchor our roots … [Continue reading]

Chakras and Relationships

One of Patanjali's yoga sutras expresses that is there is nothing holier in the world than to keep good company. Can you recall a time when you spent … [Continue reading]

Sthira Sukham Asanam

In the West we tend to think of Yoga as mainly practicing Asanas (postures). I find it interesting that Patanjali only mentions Asana three times in … [Continue reading]

Silence is Delicious

Silence is Delicious Soft, feathery snowflakes invite me to notice their unhurried pace as they descend from the sky. And I do notice. I’m here to … [Continue reading]

The Pineal Gland and the Nectar of Immortality

With the days shorter and the weather cold and dark, it’s no wonder we might feel less motivated and even a bit down during the winter. The winter … [Continue reading]

Holy Hour

Well I thought it was about time that I get back into the groove of things and welcome everyone back to yoga classes next week. I have had 5 weeks off … [Continue reading]

Alters of Healing and Awareness

An altar is a space you create that allows you to connect with your higher self and the divine. In religious ceremony it invites a sacred ritual to … [Continue reading]