Chakra CD

www.stadam.comAs we journey through our lives we can use the wisdom of the Chakras to manifest, connect, transform, love, inspire and illuminate into pure consciousness.
This CD set is a guided journey through these 7 major energy centers in your body.
A Chakra is a spinning wheel or vortex that moves life force energy throughout the body bringing health and well being.

Nienke will guide you through a seated meditation, which invites awareness to each Chakra and its purpose, imbalances, and gifts.
You will also be guided through a complete Yoga practice to develop strength, flexibility, and vitality as you clear blockages throght the chakra system.
The journey is completed as you integrate your truth with a guided healing relaxation.

1  Introduction  4:07
2  Guided Chakra Awareness Meditation  22:30
3  Devotional Chant  2:03

1  Introduction  2:17
2  Guided Yoga Practice- 7 Rainbow Sun Saluations  45:34
3  Guided Chakra Lotus Relaxation  11:41

Cost:  $20 for 2 CD set

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