Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

“The body is the vehicle, consciousness the driver. Yoga is the royal road, and the chakras are the map.” ~ Anodea Judith

Join Nienke for this 30 hour training module which will invite more self-awareness of your own Chakra system and will inspire you to share the knowledge in your teaching. This intensive will include:

  • Identify if a Chakra is deficient and/or excessive, along with self-study to identify patterns that may provoke chronic imbalances
  • Learn tools to help balance them such as meditation, asana, pranayama, mantra, yantra, gemstones, colour therapy, chanting,
  • Take home manual so that you can incorporate these teachings into your own practice and to help you share with your students
  • Free download of Nienke’s Chakra CD
  • Chakra YogArt Playshop
  • 7 week Chakra Yoga classes
  • Chakra Yoga Anatomy
  • Chakra Altars

Saturday June 23, 2018   (9-5)
Saturday July 21, 2018   (9-5)
Plus 7 Weekly Chakra Yoga Class TBA

$400 plus HST
$50 deposit when register (non-refundable)

Register or for more info: