Getting out of My Comfort Zone at hOMe and being with cOMmUNITY!

TIMG_4668his year I made in intention to get out of my comfort zone (hOMe) and get out of the house and connect with others and live life to the fullest!

Well as it turns out the universe seems to have been waiting all this time for me to be fully ready to take the leap of faith! I was invited to go to Mexico in April (all expenses paid- no excuse not to go), Italy in May (most expenses paid and my daughters and sister were going- so I found a way to make it work! … and stay tuned for Yoga Retreat in Italy May 2016) and I am taking a group to Costa Rica in August for a Yoga Retreat. For a gal who is not too motivated or comfortable travelling this is quite outstanding!

I was also invited to collaborate with another local Yoga Studio and join our Yoga Teacher Training Programs together. What an opportunity to support each other in creating a wonderful program to offer others. So of course I had to say YES! It gets me out of my hOMe studio and into the cOMmUNITY!  My intention of getting out of my comfort zone is all about coming together and supporting each other in life.  I seem to have created this habit of trying to do everything on my own and struggling with asking for help. As I bring more light to this sabotaging pattern I am learning to let it go and make space for support and coming together in community with others. I am learning and practicing to ask for support and be open to receive it when it does come. And I have also realized I am having a lot of fun at the same time! I realize the universe is always there to support us but we get in our own way and block it. So let’s break free and have the time of our lives.

And this is really what the Teacher Training Program is all about to me. Coming together in support of each others growth. We create a sacred space for presence that allows each one of us to simply “be” who we are in all our ‘FLAW-SOMENESS’. I believe Yoga is about becoming more of who you truly are and inviting others into this authenticity of life. Of course it comes in this guise of a physical practice and it is definitely great for your body and mind, but ultimately it is about re-membering and re-connecting with your ‘true-self’ and the place within you that is ‘oneness’ where we are all connected.

There is a Sanskrit word, Adhikara, that refers to being open and ready. It also implies a level of ownership and willingness to take responsibility, as well as dedication. When you are ready to be open to the support of the others and the universe then life will support you. And as the saying goes, “when you are ready the teacher will appear”. And life is our teacher, so when you are ready to break through to the next discovery of your life… then life will invite you to step into it, to learn and grow and evolve. So if you are ready to break free and get out of your comfort zone to dive into this journey of self discovery and TRANSFORMATION then I hope you can join our journey of Yoga Teacher Training starting in September.  I am so thrilled and honoured to be co-teaching with Penny (owner of Fountain of Youth Studio). We both come with different styles and strengths and look forward to sharing some of the jewels of this ancient tradition of Yoga with you!

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