With your body grounded and your emotions flowing, you now begin to generate energy into the third chakra.  This power center is where you build strength and develop your will.  This is where you try new things and learn from your mistakes.  As you connect with Manipura, the lustrous gem, you invite transformation into your life and you make your dreams come true.

Balanced solar plexus chakra characteristics: Responsible, reliable, good self-discipline, positive sense of self, confident, energetic, spontaneous, able to take risks.

We live in a time where there is little encouragement for paying attention to our body’s natural energy levels and giving it what it needs.  So often when we are really tired, we ignore our longing for rest and manipulate our bodies with either caffeine, sugar, or other stimulants to create a false sense of energy.  When we’re over stimulated and want to relax or draw inward, many people turn to overeating, alcohol, or drugs to slow down.  Yoga offers us a different choice: to listen to what our body requires and to truly nourish ourselves, using appropriate asanas and pranayama practices to create more energy or relaxation.  Once we’ve done that, we can get a taste of our true personal power.

What is your energy level like throughout the day? Do you have cycles of highs and lows? What naturally increases your energy? What drains it? Do you spend your energy wisely?

Depleted Solar Plexus Chakra: When you give your power away you deplete the solar plexus chakra. Do you give too much energy to the world and not leave enough for yourself? Do you have any issues with digesting food?  An inability to digest your life. A pattern of depletion in this chakra creates a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, indecisiveness and feelings of inadequacy. Connect with digestive system (stomach, spleen and liver and pancreas, gall bladder).  Are these organs working in harmony or is there any digestive distress?  What cant’ you stomach?

Excessive solar plexus chakra: Too much fire can result in the stomach as indigestion, heart burn, ulcers or gastritis which is inflammation of the digestive organs. Do you have any issues with hypoglycemia or diabetes? The pancreas is a small flattened organ located in the curve of the small intestines.  It influences metabolism by its secretion of insulin and glucagon- which regulates blood sugar levels, as well as the pancreatic poly peptide that regulates the release of digestive enzymes. The liver is considered to be the “sergeant-general” of the body.  When there is excessive energy in the solar plexus chakra there may be characteristics of being controlling, dominating, competitive, arrogant, hyperactive. 

We need energy to make change. So in order to break inertia, you need to do something different!  If you are sluggish, get moving.  If you are hyperactive, be still.  Break boring repetitive patterns, and choose a challenge.  Overcoming difficulties increases strength and confidence. Power is seldom developed by clinging to security.  Give up being safe and you power chakra will awaken more quickly.

Raw energy from the root supports your right to act.
Desire and passion from the sacral chakras fuels the will.
Your vision from the higher chakras allows you to dream any dream for yourself.
When you act with intention that comes from your heart space you can manifest your dreams.
This is the power of the solar plexus chakra and can be developed when you take risks, move beyond your comfort levels and gently push yourself into new territory.


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