Saturday February 7th, 2015 (9am-4pm)

Insight meditation is a simple and direct practice, the moment-to-moment investigation of the mind/body process through calm and focused awareness. Learning to observe experience from a place of stillness enables one to relate to life with less fear and clinging. Seeing life as a constantly changing process, one begins to accept pleasure, pain, fear, joy and all aspects of life with increasing equanimity and balance. As insight deepens, wisdom and compassion arise. This practice is sometimes called “vipassana”, which is a Pali word for insight.

Please join us for a day of Mindfulness
~Seated Meditation
~Walking Meditation
~Gentle Meditative Yoga Class
~Mindful Eating (lunch included)
~Karma Yoga
~Yoga Discourse / Sharing Circle
There is no official charge for this retreat. We are inviting you into the practice of Dana, which is a Pali word for generousity. In the Buddhist tradition, the teachings of meditation are given freely because they are considered priceless. Dana is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is given from the heart. Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teachers, but also the community of people Meditating together and your own practice. We ask that you give what you can monetarily or even any offering of services to support the community of Yogabliss. Lunch is included in this day and your offerings are greatly appreciated.
Suggested donation $50