~Mother TeresaLove begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. 
~Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. 
Mother Teresa 

It feels like fall! And with all the kids going back to school I have been feeling quite nostalgic.  Remembering those days when my girls were younger and I would walk them to school. It was a bitter sweet feeling. Some sadness about the ending of the summer and knowing they were getting older with each new grade they entered. But there was also comfort when I walked back home alone and entered into a silent house.  Now that they are all in high school, I had to wait until today for it to be officially quiet, a much needed silence. I have always craved silence in my life. Even now I often retreat to my bedroom way before the girls in order to get that quiet reflection time and I like to rise early to start the day with the quiet of the morning. This summer seemed to buzz by and it feels like I am still waiting for those lazy days of summer where I can ponder in silence. In the anxiousness of waiting, I remind myself that there is nothing to wait for.  The present moment is the moment where we can relax. Why do I continue to feel a need for things to be in order (in my eyes) before I can relax. Well hello… as the saying goes… a mother’s job never ends… so it seems things never are in order for long, if ever. It is an illusion. Mother Nature is never finished, she is continuously creating. So if things are exactly as they are meant to be in each moment, then I know I can relax right now. Relax into whatever I am doing in the moment.  Relax into this moment as I am typing with my feet on the ground. Relax as I wash the dishes and do the mundane chores of life. Relax into the conflicts. Relax into those special moments that spontaneous arise. I have learned that to practice living like this requires much attention and awareness. It requires me to slow down. I have been feeling an even stronger call to slow down and keep life simple.  This seems easier said than done. I feel like the fast pace of our society tries to pull me into the busy-ness. It takes courage to slow down and to say “no” sometimes. I have been practicing slowing down by bringing rituals into my daily life.  I practice connecting more deeply with the divine feminine energy that is all around.  She may be referred to as Mother Nature, Shakti , God or Goddess, and she is always creating and flowing through the universe.  I connect to her through the elements of nature. When I wash my hands I say a little prayer for the water and how it clears away the impurities. When I get out of the bed in the morning I thank the earth for all of her support.  Before I go on my computer, I ground my feet and pray that my work on the computer can be done for the good of all. It is this mindfulness that helps me to slow down. I have also been trying to leave extra time for travelling places. There is a distinct difference in the energy of being late and rushing, than there is leaving early and having extra time. What if we gave ourselves extra time in between all the things we do and practice slowing down everything we do. Apparently we become more efficient this way too.  Life is not about how much you accomplished but how much you loved.  In a way I see “space” as love. Space and silence is needed so that you can touch and feel the DIVINE LOVE that is everywhere.

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