We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time
~ T.S. Eliot

The Sanskrit name of the crown chakra is “Sahasrara,” which means thousand-fold because it is represented by a lotus blossom with 1,000 petals. It is through this chakra’s many petals that we receive inspiration, transcendent thoughts, and experience feelings of synchronicity and interconnectedness with the universe.

The colour of the crown chakra is an intense violet color. It is associated with the diamond and amethyst gemstones.

This Chakra invites us TO KNOW that we are children of the divine seeking our way back home- that there is a deeper meaning to life that underlies all of existence.

We need to disconnect from the substitutions we use to fill the emptiness of our soul. The ultimate source of these soul wounds stems from stripping our ordinary existence of its spiritual meaning, leaving the average person without purpose or direction.

The lotus petals turn downward like a sunflower, dripping nectar into the crown and down through the chakras. How can a lotus bloom without roots in the earth? How can it reach heaven if its roots are not deep and wide?

We think of consciousness as our thoughts, but thoughts are what consciousness creates, not what it is. We think of consciousness as our perceptions, but there is a faculty that not only perceives, but also remembers, discriminates, and integrates our perceptions. Who or what does this?  We feel the pull of consciousness on our emotions, but who or what feels those emotions, and how do we experience feeling? This is the mystery that we embrace in the crown chakra- a mystery that can only be experienced, not explained. The “little engine that could” believed it could make it. The optimist who believes that this is the best of all possible worlds has a different interpretation than the pessimist who is afraid he is right. Our beliefs shape our reality and our reality shapes our beliefs. When this chakra is open and balanced there is spiritual connection, wisdom and mastery, intelligence, presence, open-mindedness, ability to question, ability to assimilate and analyze information.  Your personal intentions and desires are in alignment with cosmic will.

To realize unity within all things is to transcend identification with the separate self and find identification with all that is. This does not mean that we lose our individual self, but that our understanding of who we are becomes greater and more inclusive as we rise up the chakras. The lower identities then become like layers of clothing- necessary for various situations in life, but used with the knowledge that they are decoration for the eternal self that lies within.

At the top of the head and is related to the brain, the master computer of the body, and the pituitary gland which orchestrates other glands in the body.

Wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, spiritual connection

To know the truth, to choose your own spirituality, to be able to quest for knowledge

It is ATTACHMENTS that clutters the crown chakra. When we surrender to something larger and wiser than our individual consciousness we can relinquish attachments and learn to “let go and let God”. But, attachments must be held in balance with commitments. The realms of the lower chakras do require commitment, consistency, and sometimes struggle. Whether we commit to a spiritual practice, to a person, job, or activity, our commitment is made more powerful when it is freed from the lust of particular results. Paradoxically, releasing an attachment leaves us free to commit more fully, as our commitment is based on intention rather than results.

Dissociation from the body
Spiritual addiction
Living “in your head
“Disconnection from spirit
Excessive attachments.

Spiritual cynicism
A closed mind
Learning difficulties
Rigid belief systems

Meditation is the yogic practice best suited for bringing the crown chakra into balance. Just as our body needs a shower frequently, the busy mind filled with so many thoughts and concerns also needs a cleansing. Why tackle today’s problems with yesterday’s muddled mind? Furthermore, the energy of this chakra helps us to experience the Divine, to open to a higher or deeper power. All the various forms of meditation, including both concentration and insight practice allow the mind to become more present, clear, and insightful. Sit in silence, with affection awareness be aware of your body, be aware of your thoughts, be aware of awareness. Become the witness.

Viewing the night sky. There are few activities more relevant to connecting with the universal identity than lying on your back, gazing at the starry heavens, and realizing your place in the cosmos. If the thousand-petalled lotus represents the infinite span of heaven above, then the night sky, with its billions of stars and galaxies, is a reminder that we are, indeed, specks in a divine, cosmic creation.

There are no limits to the wisdom the crown chakra can bring into your life. By nurturing it and ensuring that your crown chakra stays balanced, your mind can open to the vast consciousness of the universe.

Divinity resides within.
I am open to new ideas and information I need comes to me.
The world is my teacher.
I am guided by inner wisdom and a higher power.

“Time changes, the world goes on changing, but the experience of silence, the joy of it, remains the same.
“That is the only thing you can rely upon, the only thing that never dies.
“It is the only thing that you can call your very being.”
~ Osho

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