Silence is Delicious

Silence is Delicious

Soft, feathery snowflakes invite me to notice their unhurried pace as they descend from the sky. meditation retreatAnd I do notice. I’m here to breath, relax and practice wrapping self in the quiet.

I am here, sitting cross-legged in the cozy yoga studio with a group of women
to take a break from the noisy rush of life and explore silence.
Forget time. Forget 
schedules. Be present.

We begin with seated meditation, followed by a gentle Yin Yoga class. I inhale
cooling breath that tickles my nostrils and stretch my body into Sleeping Swan pose.
Opportunity to practice mindfulness comes moment by moment.

After class I follow a trail of Thich Nhat Hanh quotes through the house to a spot on
the couch and cradle a dog-eared copy of ‘Present Moment Wonderful Moment’ in
my lap. In this moment, read a sentence. Peel an orange. Write a passage in a spiral-
bound notebook. In this moment, breathe.

In the kitchen, I stand beside a beautiful ‘Vegetable Whisperer’, helping her put
finishing touches on lunch. A jasmine rice Buddha Bowl brims with veggies and is
covered in Buddha Belly Sauce. Each topping – raw cashews, sprouted lentils, fresh
cilantro and sunflower seeds – make the meal decadent. Resisting the urge to rush,
take my bowl to the dining room and find spot at the table.

The taste of Silence is delicious.

After eating I return to the studio and settle onto a cushion for Japa meditation.White mala beads dangle on my wrist, warmed from the heat of my skin.
I rub each 
pearly bead between the pads of my finger and thumb, repeating a mantra.

Deliberate. Divine. Devotion.
Deliberate. Divine. Devotion.

This practice keeps my monkey mind on a leash. It tries to wander…but can’t get very far.

Deliberate. Divine. Devotion.
Deliberate. Divine. Devotion.

With this intention tucked securely into my heart I am prepared when our day
together comes to an end. I head out into the snow covered evening knowing that
the snowflakes will remind me to slow down and breathe. And even when life
delivers a raging snowstorm, I can find my way to Silence.

~Sacha Farrell


  1. You captured the essence of the day beautifully Sacha. Thank you!

  2. What a beautiful poem. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your sentiments with us. I am truly blessed and grateful to have been part of this day.


  3. You wrap the silence in words so wonderfully Sacha.

    Thank you


  4. You wrap the silence in words so wonderfully Sacha.

    Thank you


  5. Susan scherbak says:

    Good morning…

    Even though I have been away and was unable to attend the silent retreat, I was finally able to tap into the internet a couple of days ago and read Nienke’s email about the retreat and so I began my 21 day daily practice by setting my intention as Nienke suggested and reciting it 108 times each day.
    It has been most wonderful as I begin my day with my mantra using a beautiful set of Mala beads I managed to purchase when we entered Puerto Rico because I had read the email before.They are simple and beautiful and I love the way they feel in my hands as I recite my mantra each morning. I bought them in a small place in old San Juan which oozed beauty, simplicity and ancient ness.
    Finally I thank you Sacha for your beautiful story as I feel I didn’t really miss the day at all by reading your story/poem.


    • Thanks for you comment Susan! You mala sounds very sacred and special!!! I am so glad to hear you are doing the 21 day mantra challenge. Keep it up! Namaste

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