Now that the roots of support have prepared the foundation and our survival needs are met, then we can begin to feel the pleasures of being alive and enjoy life. This is the Chakra of water and feeling the juicy sweetness of life. As the earth element provides consistency, it is the 2nd water chakra that induces change. This allows our consciousness because without water, growth is impossible. Even though the structure of our bodies are made of bones and muscles, we are mostly made up of water.  It is this water element that allows our emotions, feelings, desires, wants and needs to flow. In the center of one’s own place, we sweeten life by opening to pleasure. 

Motivating principle is pleasure.  Once our survival needs are met in root chakra then we turn towards pleasure and enjoy life.  Pleasure promotes well-being and is a natural healing force.  It teaches us how to open up, how to move, how to reach beyond ourselves.  Pleasure comes to us through any of our senses: seeing a sunset, tasting a meal, listening to music, savouring a lover’s touch. Emotions are a composite of feeling and sensation.  They give us a powerful source of information about our well-being.  But we must understand their complex nature in order to stay afloat in the watery element of the second chakra.



Excess and deficiencies in your chakras are the defenses created in response to wounds you’ve experienced in these areas in the past, and either one can indicate an imbalance in your system.  So take a moment to look at the characteristics below.  Remember that it is possible to have characteristics of both excess and deficiency, and that you develop both in an attempt to cope with negative experiences and the general programming of your second chakra.

Excessive characteristics of the sacral Chakra: Excessive strong emotions, Obsessive attachments, Addiction to stimulation, Excessive mood swings, Excessively sensitive, Poor boundaries, invasion of others, Emotional dependency, Instability, Addictive nature 

Deficient characteristics of the sacral Chakra: Rigidity in your body, beliefs, or behaviour, Emotional numbness or insensitivity, Fear of change, Lack of desire, passion, or excitement, Avoidance of pleasure, fear of sexuality, Poor social skills,Excessive boundaries, Boredom

Balanced characteristics of the sacra Chakra: Graceful movements, Ability to embrace change, Emotional intelligence, Nurturance of self and others, Healthy boundaries, Ability to enjoy pleasure, Sexual satisfaction, Passion

The second chakra relates to the entire sacral area of the body: the hips, low back, abdomen and genitals. It also relates to the watery aspects of the body: the bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract, as well as the reproductive system: womb, ovaries, testicles, and genitals.

Common physical imbalances: Low back pain, Hip joint deterioration or displacement, Abdominal distention, Genital diseases, Urinary tract infections, Bladder troubles, Menstrual difficulties, Reproductive issues, Endocrine glands- testes and ovaries- difficulties with these glands, Rigidity or undue stiffness in the muscles in general (abnormal inflexibility)

How to Balance the Sacra Chakra:
FLEXIBILITY- Yoga, stretching- become more flexible in your attitudes
FLOWING WITH GRACE- Take a dance class, hike or bike to get your body moving
SENSUALITY-  tune into your senses through the textures in your clothes, the colours, smells, and sounds that surround you, and the flavours in your food.  Turn life into a sensuous experience
WATER-  Drink more water- draw symbols on your glass or water bottle.  Water is essential for the health of our bodies.  At the cellular level most chemical reactions take place in water, where it delivers nutrients and carries away waste.  It is also necessary for lubricating your joints and mucous membranes.  It is said that the mouth is the very last symptom of thirst, occurring only well after dehydration has began.
MOVEMENT-It is important in working with your second chakra that you find time for movement every day.  Play music in your living room and dance freely when no one is watching.  Create your own practice incorporating your favorite movements and postures.  Take walks, run, and bicycle or make love.
If you work at a desk take time to stretch every 20 minutes or so to keep your internal fluids moving.

Bringing healing, balance and transformation in your chakras takes time.  Doing an exercise or posture gives us an experience but doing it repeatedly over time can bring about a permanent shift.  Also remember to eliminate the word SHOULD from your vocabulary and stop SHOULING on yourself!

BASIC RIGHT TO FEEL- When we are told that we shouldn’t feel a certain way or that is feelings are wrong or bad, or to keep our feeling to ourselves and not express them, then this compromises our RIGHT TO FEEL. Our society has compromised our sacral chakra by telling boys to not cry and be a man, and by criticizing women for being weak because of their ability to feel. When our basic right to feel is compromised it creates GUILT.  Guilt tells us we shouldn’t feel a certain way, we shouldn’t want this or need that, or have this or that desire.  Guilt makes us suppress our feelings, keeping them from consciousness, and often promotes harmful activities or indulgences.  Of course guilt is a natural and appropriate reaction when we realize that we’ve inappropriately caused another pain.  In fact, the absence of guilt is an even more serious result of the loss of our ability to feel.  Guilt is only a demon when it blocks feelings from entering our consciousness or inhibits us from fully experiencing the basic pleasure of being alive.

Do you take the time to tune into your own emotional realm?

Do you have the courage to express emotions clearly and at appropriate times?

Can you refrain from emotional expression when necessary?

Are you content with your life?

My feelings flow freely.
I am at home and at ease in my body and relationships.
I fluidly open to change.
I have a passion for life.



  1. Kirsti Burgener says:

    I really appreciate your insight into the first and second chakra. You have given information on opening up the second chakra, what do you do if the chakra is excessive- for example a person is emotional and prone to mood swings? Thanks

    • I think the best thing you can do is “be present” when you are feeling over emotional. Practice meditation everyday, even if it is only 3 minutes. Journal about your emotions and nurture yourself. Learn and practice to be your own divine parents that care for you as you go through the challenging emotions. Let go of judgement. As you observe an emotional moment, see if you can be still and fully feel it in your body and contemplate on how old you feel. Is it a child, a teenager or older? Then love that little girl (or big girl) in that moment. Care for her and love her. This is a gift because it opens the space for healing. It would be good to do some grounding yoga. Child pose or forward bends. Use props, pillows, blocks to support your forehead and let your forehead release in the block. Hold for 3-5 minutes. This allows your nervous system to go into the rest/digest calming state and trains your nervous system to be more resilient so you can bounce back easier from an emotional state or stressful moment. Love and light xo

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