Adventures of a Yogi in Training ~ Bliss-Blog by Sacha Bala Kavita

The YTT at YogaBliss is a soul-stretching experience. Nienke creates a warm and supportive environment while continually sharing her abundant knowledge and passion for yoga. I appreciate her generous heart, leadership, enthusiasm, and friendship. As a group we built a compassionate community, learning not only how to teach yoga but how to live yoga. I am blissed!  ~Sacha

What a fabulous journey!  My expectations were high but they have all been surpassed.  Nienke has taught us with compassion, joy and a deep knowledge of all aspects of Yoga.  I have enjoyed every lesson and learned so much about this rich tradition.   This is a well rounded, enjoyable 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that has prepared us to teach in the community.  I have met wonderful, interesting women who shared this meaningful experience.  We have all grown and discovered more about ourselves and life.  Thank you Nienke! ~ Urs

The Yamas and Niyamas series was the highlight of the course for me. Understanding the deeper meaning of the yoga sutras, will guide me in integrating these teachings, not only into my daily life, but also in my yoga practice, and wherever my journey takes me. The profound qualities of these “jewels” were essential for my personal growth. My fellow students (sisters) were amazing, and I learned a lot from their insights. Our discussions created a moving and soothing balance that have changed my yoga practice, and my life in meaningful ways. I will never be the same person again because of the joy, wisdom and balance that this experience has brought me. Thank you Nienke for your wonderful teachings, great sense of humour, compassion and generosity. Your guidance helped me feel “open to grace”.  You taught us that to be faithful yoga teachers, we must practice what we preach in our thoughts, words and actions. I will always remember this time with gratitude. It has been an inspiring birthing journey. Sat Nam! ~Marie

As a graduate of the Yoga Bliss Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course, I would highly recommend the course. Nienke’s students gain the skill of advanced and helpful cues from her 14 years experience in guiding yoga poses (asana). Nienke’s YTT goes much deeper than that, though. Her understanding of the many facets of the yoga way of life is exceptional and inspirational. You will study much more than asana including the primary Yoga Sutras, learn about the chakras, and sing/chant. I gained much more out of the course that I ever expected. It has been a positive, life-changing experience for me. I now can more easily find calmness, introspection, and gratitude for the abundance in my life. ~ Joan

Blissful is the best way I can describe the journey of “Birthing Your True Self”. This experience has changed my life for the better. The depth of knowledge, understanding, and compassion from Nienke and my fellow yogi sisters surpassed any and all of my expectations. Anatomy, Asana Poses, Philosophy, Meditation, and Yoga Sutras are just some of the various leaves of life you can integrate.  The community we have created is instrumental in reinforcing positive change within our hearts.  Extending beyond personal growth our “Be the Love, Share the Karma” encompasses how we have nourished our roots and hearts to share outside of ourselves.  I will forever be grateful! Namaste, Lee-Anne