Learning the Chakra system gives me so much insight to my life and the world around me. It seems this year I was very aware of my weakness in the third eye centre. The higher Chakras invite us to SEE the truth and SEE how our actions, words and even our thoughts are ripples that we send out into the universe. Although I seem to trust life and in some ways have a strong foundation, it appears I do get stuck in the lower chakra realms. I do well with keeping my life in order and dealing with the mundane tasks of raising children and caring for my home. But this also seems to keep me from entering the realm of creativity (throat chakra). I often have a need for all to be in order before I allow myself to play and be creative. I admire my eldest daughter because she has this ability to sit in the absolute mess of her bedroom and do her painting and art work. I am getting better with leaving mundane tasks and making room for play, otherwise the old adage “a mother’s work never gets done” prevents me from opening to creativity and imagination (third eye). One of my first clues of a weak third eye was the fact that I have poor vision. Apparently if you wore glasses as a child (and were the only one in your family) it is related to third-eye dysfunction. Eyes can symbolically shut down what they don’t want to see and sensitive children are more affected by the images all around them from the world. I wander how this is affecting children these days as they are even more bombarded with violent and inappropriate images from the media and video games. My next clue was when I was asking my students to see what the vision is for their future. How they see themselves in 5 years, 10 or 20. I realize that I rarely look ahead. I have always tried to live in the present and deal with what is going on at that time. Although this can be a good thing, it can also prevent you from connecting with a vision and working towards a common goal with others. I have no problem trusting the present moment and knowing that things are always as they should be, but realize now that I may avoid looking forward. There does need to be a balance. I suppose some people are great visionaries but the shadow side can be the withdrawal from the present. I realize instead of using logic sometimes I have learned to tune into the resonation of my heart and I have been able to follow my hearts compass. I have been blind but fumble through the dark. Interestingly enough I have had reoccurring nightmares of being in the dark and not being able to find anyone. I am all alone. I literally have had panic attacks over the years because of this. But as I continue to stay present to these panic feelings, that are so uncomfortable, I am able to clear more of this karmic pattern and I can see more clearly. I have sat in sweat lodge ceremonies in complete and utter panic and fear in the darkness. This has shown me how much fear holds me back from connecting more intimately with others and also from being more playful. So as I continue to work through the fear, (which interestingly is partly related to solar plexus chakra, the adrenal glands and your sense of sight) I encourage myself to look into the future. It is scary because it does bring up fear, anxiety and worry about the future of my own life and of the world. But the YOGA has taught me to practice coming back to the present and relaxing into the present moment just as it is. This is where we can all practice true courage. To be present to whatever arises in each moment. So as I continue to follow my heart compass I am also learning to open my third-eye and have a vision for my own life and for the world.

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