The Yogis teach us that our body is our temple. Life force energy moves through this temple in 4 directions. Energy moves in an upward current, from earth to sky. This liberating current allows more freedom from the limitations of the physical world, and allows us to wake up to new possibilities and liberate ourselves from constricting or compulsive behaviours. Energy also moves in a downward current, from the sky down to the earth. This manifestation current allows us to manifest our dreams, which begins at the crown Chakra. As we process inspiration into ideas and then downwards towards the lower body we can manifest them into reality. We need to have both currents of energy flowing to create balance of reality and possibility.  If your upward energy is blocked you will be limited by constricting or destructive patterns such as health problems, addictions, or compulsive activities. If the downward current is blocked, you may have lots of ideas and talk about them to all your friends, but somehow they never come to completion. As these two currents pass each other, they mix together and create the vortices known as the chakras.

There are also the two horizontal currents of reception and expression. You receive energy from those around you in the form of information, emotions, love, or touch. You express what’s inside of you, such as your thoughts, creativity, or your love. If either of these currents are blocked you may be compromised in your social interactions, having difficulty receiving or expressing one or more of the chakra-related aspects. As we journey through the chakras it invites awareness to our habitual ways we cope when life hands out its troubles. In regards to the chakras and energy there are two main ways we cope, either increasing the energy to deal with the problem or decreasing the energy to get away from the problem. This is an adaption of the basic fight or flight response programmed into our survival instincts. I personally know I have adapted the flight or flee response. I tend to withdraw when life gets challenging. I go to my cave. Although this allows me to go deeper into my practices of meditation, yoga, journaling, etc… I now have more awareness that this also has the potential to shut down my chakras as I withdraw from the world. And although this would be normal and healthy at certain times, I think it is when we continually react in our habitual way that it becomes hard-wired into our chakra system, where this could then become an unconscious habit even though it may not really serve as the best response. Maybe you can relate to this or possibly relate to the fight response. An example of this would be using your energy to fight the “bully” or gathering others to help you fight. It could be staying up all night to study for the test, or even the body creating a fever to combat bacteria. When we repeat a pattern over and over it then can create imbalances in our chakra system. When our basic rights as a human being are threatened we tend to habitually either over compensate, creating excessive energy, or we withdraw creating deficient energy. I invite you to pay attention and watch, with compassionate curiosity, to your habitual tendencies. This can bring more awareness, which is the first step to change. Remember, even though these responses are normal and natural, it is when they unconsciously become habitual that they can create the imbalances.

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