The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Vissudha, which means purification. To develop this chakra successfully the body must attain a certain level of purification so that the body can open to the subtler aspects of the upper chakras. As we climb up the chakra column, each plane is said to vibrate at a higher, faster, and more efficient level than the chakra below it.  Light is a faster vibration than sound by fourty octaves. The element associated with the fifth chakra is ether, otherwise known as Akasha or spirit, which represents a world of vibrations.  We are vibrational beings and our thoughts, words, actions do affect our vibration. Diseases tend to show up first in the etheric body, before they manifest in the tissues. Likewise, healing can be brought about by techniques that primarily treat the subtle body, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and hands on healing, and even chanting and using mantras.  Sound does affect matter!  Sound does affect the minute cellular and atomic structures of our body. So watch what you think, what you say, what you watch, who you spend time with. An open vibrating chakra in one person, can trigger an inactive chakra in another. So spend time with people you resonate with.

When we resonate with another we feel it in our body. Just like when you hear something and it gives you tingles or the hairs stand up. This opens the field of communication. It is this palpable resonance that allows all parts of the psyche to be in harmony. 

The throat chakra is the center of communication, creativity and expression, where the inner voice of one’s truth is expressed.  Our body communicates electrically, chemically, through our DNA and our civilization communicates to create a cooperative culture. Communication is a creative process.  Even though we may associate the sacral chakra with creation, as it is the place of creating life, it is in chakra five that we can express who we are in the world.  The process of creation is a process of inner discovery.  In creating a work of art, we open ourselves to the very mysteries of the universe.  We become channels for spiritual information.  The process of creativity is a delicate one.  Regimented lives do not lend themselves to it, and are instead threatened by it.  Survival and health in the twenty first century will require innovation and flexibility. Creativity is the key to unlocking these qualities.  We must honour it in ourselves and in each other. 

As we learn to refine our chakras, calm our mind, and quiet our thoughts, the fabric of our consciousness becomes smoother and direct. In this state it is far easier to become aware of the subtler ripples of vibrations in our energy field. Telepathy is the art of hearing the whispers of another’s mind. Have you ever thought about someone and then the phone rings and it is them. This is a telepathic connection. In order to develop this we must be quiet within our own minds. Most of us by nature have a party going on inside our own heads. We are always conversing with ourselves or running tapes through our heads. This dulls the receptivity of the fifth chakra. Technology affects our Chakras. We are a culture that uses technological devices to send our messages beyond the limits of our voices. We are not accustomed to listening for the subtle stirs in the ether that can bring us communication across time and space. This Chakra teaches us to connect with the feeling vibration behind the words. I believe this is powerful in all of our relationships.

Even though communication is essential in creating harmony in our relationships, silence is also a powerful way to connect with higher consciousness and purify this subtle energy of the body. Daily meditation is necessary to balance our inner connection with the connection of the others and the world. It can realign your inner compass to follow the path that you resonate with. 

The demon of this Chakra is lies.  Lies come in many forms. We can be told lies that we believe and faithfully act upon. We can tell ourselves lies or live in ways that do not resonate with our natural being. We can keep secrets, omit truths, or fail to speak up at crucial times. All of these actions put us out of resonance with our core truths. Even when someone asks you “if you are ok?” or “Hi, how are you?”, and you respond “fine” even though you are not, this does affect your energy field! 

The media has a huge effect on our Throat Chakra. Television, radio, newspaper, and other public forms of communication can be seen as the cultural expression of the fifth chakra, acting as a connecting nervous system for us all. If communication is the passage of knowledge and understanding, the mass content of our collection consciousness is, for better or worse, heavily influenced by the media and those who control it. Media directs our attention, and where that attention goes the rest of the energy generally follows. Media can be a potent feedback system, allowing us to see ourselves as we are in our beauty and our ignorance. Media lets us know the state of the planet’s ecology, the condition of people in other places, and helps wire up the global brain. It also is the most potent means we have of cultural transformation. We read about calamities in foreign countries in terms of so many dead, so many injured, and so many dollars worth of damage, but we coldly take in data without having the time or the context in which to really feel its impact. We are receiving disembodied communication. It is important to demand integrity of those who control the media. It is imperative that we keep our media from being polluted with mindless garbage, sensational gossip, propaganda, and lies. Otherwise we risk being collectively manipulated. Our collective fifth chakras must be purified with the resonance of truth that can enlighten us all. 

Without communication we are isolated, separate, and cut off from the nourishing energy so vital to health. Just as sound creates all matter, communication (oral, chemical, mental, or electrical) creates and maintains life. Without it we die, both spiritually and physically. Perhaps communication is nothing but rhythmic interchange. Yes, language is the tip of the iceberg of communication. Our own vibrations affect ourselves, others, and the planet. When we resonate with another’s truth and join a mission to work towards that truth together, there is increased power and depth. People who live in the same household become rhythm entrained to each other’s subtle vibrations. Couples who are close may tend to finish each other’s sentences. This is being in resonance with another. It feels exciting to connect on this level. Also women who live together long enough will tend to menstruate at the same time of the month. We are influenced by the subconscious level of inner vibrations. So purify your thoughts, as they become your words, your actions, your character, your destiny, and the destiny of the planet. 

Deficient Characteristics: Fear of Speaking, small, weak voice, difficulty putting feelings into words, introversion, shyness, tone deaf, poor rhythm 

Excessive Characteristics: Too much talk, talking as a defense, inability to listen, poor auditory comprehension, gossiping, dominating voice, interruptions 

Physical Malfunctions: Disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck, tightness of the jaw, toxicity (due to the chakra’s name, which means “purification”) 

Healing Practices: Loosen neck and shoulders, singing, chanting, toning, storytelling, journal writing, silence, non-goal-oriented creativity, psychotherapy, learn communication skills, complete communications, inner child communication, sleeping (puts you back in harmony with our own resonance, after all the distracting vibrations we feel throughout the day) 

Meditation and Mantras have a powerful affect on our subtle vibrations. Mantra is a mind-tool to protect our mind from the traps of non-productive cycles of thought and action. A mantra is a repetition of a prayer, an intention, a word. There are thousands of chants and mantras from different cultures and religions around the world. The deepest value of a mantra has to do with how much we invest in it- how much we use the sound in our meditations, in our work, in our thoughts throughout the day. You can make up your own mantra as an affirmation. A mantra of “I will be strong” carries within it the particular aspects of strength we are seeking. However the mantra “I am strong!” creates even more strength by only a light change of words. Mantras must be chosen carefully to create the effects we want.  Their power is felt through experience only and with repetition their benefits can be felt by any sincere seeker. Mantras are basic, fundamental key allowing human beings to unlock some of the mysteries of our own inner harmony. We can create that which we desire to become through conscious thoughts and words with mantras.

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